It's okay

I remembered 2 things today. 


The first: it’s okay. 


It’s okay that in 15 days at 6am, we’ll lock our doors and pull out of our driveway for the last time. It’s okay that we don’t know what’s ahead of us. It’s okay that not all of our family understands why we would pack up and move to Colorado. We don’t fully understand it either. It’s okay that things in my life are largely imperfect and I can’t make them perfect. It’s okay that people (even those closest to me) think, act, love, fill-in-the-blank different than me. I have a tendency to be critical of those differences but I can choose to love them instead. It’s okay that my days go almost always not according to my plans. Welcome to parenthood- but really, welcome to life. It’s okay that my time in Chicago is ending- even if I’ve been begrudging towards it ending. And finally, it’s okay to feel equal parts of the entire emoji spectrum (insert the following emojis: 😊smiley, 😿cat crying, 😂hysterically laughing smiley, 👻ghost, 💾floppy disk, 🙄rolling eyes smiley, and 🏃running guy).


As for the second thing I remembered today: It’s already been forgotten. 

And that’s okay too. 




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