Screaming Inside

My parents used to remind me to use my inside voice when I would yell or talk too loud in the house. I think this is a common phrase for kids.

Now as an adult, I've experienced my insides actually screaming at me. On Wednesday the trip to the Emergency Room was.... scary. My insides felt twisted into a tight unbreathable knot--the kind of knot that boy scouts learn how to tie so that it will never come undone. Hunched over for most of the day, my stubborn side lost and I finally gave in to Brandon's suggestion for the ER.

I've never felt pain like this.

The constant inside in depth pain intensified. As the doctor pushed on my belly I felt the slow wet drop fall down my cheek, pain that I couldn't keep away from my tears.

Still scared.

I thought the doctors, the tests, and the 6 long hours in the ER would have provided me with a problem identified. Too bad it didn't because I'm still worried. Although the strength of the pain has subsided, a reminder pang still has a grip on my inside.

I'm not dying, anymore than anyone else, but I can't help but wonder- did stress cause this?


Hanna | April 13, 2010 at 5:58 PM

For anyone that reads this blog, which I am sure is a very few to possibly no one, you will be happy to know that I am ok. No cause for concern just doctors orders to 'keep an eye on it'.


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