Blue Is For Roseline

Resilience. The ability to bounce back even after a child has witnessed killing without cause.

Disgusting. According to Invisible Children, an estimated 90% of the troops from the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) were abducted as children. The LRA is notorious for seeking out children who will be the most impressionable and mobile. The best age: 8-14 years old. Once taken into the LRA, children are taught one thing: to kill. Severe. The darkness of the world is shoved onto the most innocent in the world.

Even in the spaces, where I did not know that people could still live, there was a brightness.

Inspired. A blue bracelet to remind me of Roseline, one child who has been born into a 24-year-long war and humanitarian crisis in Uganda.

My problems of soul searching are dwarfed. I can't help but ask myself what will I change because of what I learned today?


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