Roses In Roses Out

As part of my graduate studies for professional counseling each student was required to attend a number of group counseling sessions. After finding an Al-Anon group that fit into my schedule, I couldn't think of an excuse that would leave me guilt free so integrity talked me into my first Al-Anon group.

I found a lot of people who had been broken by life and were making it through one day at a time. But I was in church work (still am- sort of) and was familiar with doing life with broken people (self included).

Here's the thing that struck me- on my first session, a woman who resembled an older worn out version of Marisa Tomei captivated the room. As she shared about her husband's journey towards sobriety it was clear that he had found another woman and was ready to leave the marriage. Her words came from an empty place and I wondered how much longer her waterproof mascara would hold up.

When she started talking about anger, her gaze went to the floor and she described a bad root growing in her. It's a little melodramatic, I know, but I think we've all been there. When the anger takes hold deep in your gut and you know it shouldn't be there but still it grips you and all of the fruit that you give out is rotten.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." Philo of Alexandria

It's a pretty simple concept: Roses in, roses out. Rotten in, rotten out. I don't think I need to reflect on this tonight but I do think each of us needs to take care of the inside self enough that we reflect life and vitality to the world, and more importantly, to each other.



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