Intentionally Making Room

I'm in a good place today. My thoughts are clear and walking through the fog is well, less... foggy. Is this what happens when I take time to care of my soul? Amazing. I haven't spent a lot of time pondering my soul until recently (thanks to a 'soul care' friend ;).

I guess I've been kind of fragile. I've been like a cracked light bulb still trying to give off light but the light has been fragmented and dull. I want to be bright. Brighter.

Intentionality helps things change and change happens when you decide to change. I think change might be that simple. People will always go to what they know and what's comfortable unless they decide to be different. So, I'm intentionally doing things that make my light brighter:

> Running- Because it makes me focus on goals beyond work. (Let the records show that I ran 11 miles today and lived to tell about it.)

> Writing- Because it gives me language to my thoughts.

> Photography- Because it's fun, even if I'm no good at it.


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