Mediterranean Goal in Aisle 9

My selection process for food at the grocery store is loosely based on my desire for a challenge so I pick out, what I would consider, interesting food. Really I pick out food that I wish I cooked, which means I should have more than pretzels, cheese, and apples in my cart. Tonight was a Mediterranean goal in aisle 9: I will find a great couscous recipe. Then, I proudly placed a box of curry couscous in my cart. Four squeaky grocery cart wheels and a long check-out line outline later, I was home pondering what to cook. Looks like I'll settle for ol' faithful: grilled cheese (for a main course) and a pickle (for a vegetable).

One of my professors in college made a statement that has stuck with me. He said, you don’t see yourself as you are. You don't see yourself as others see you. Rather, you see yourself as you think others see you.

I know there are times that I do things so I can be the person I want others to see me as…so I buy couscous at Meijer. Perception can be a motivating thing.

I wonder how many other actions I accomplish in a day, in a week, in a month that are driven by the ‘who I think others see me as’ complex? Are we all tainted by that perception of reality? I wonder, how would your perception change if you started seeing yourself as you really are? As God sees you?


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