Salud (sah-LOOD)

This weekend, my perspective smiled. While exploring Chicago with one of my optimistic friends, Julie, I realized that I've been mopey (or is it moppy?- no that's not right). I've been a person who mopes (not mops). I've only mopped like 3 times in my entire life (because Brandon takes complete ownership over the hygiene of our floors). I've moped more than 3 times though.

The world is not crashing in on me, even though the martyr side of me would feel like a hero if that were the truth. I'm not going to be a moper anymore (and I'll never be a mopper).

While I was with Julie, I kept thinking that Julie is so happy and healthy. I want that.

When I studied in Mexico, people toasted their glass with the word: salud. Health. I think about that often, which is actually ironic since during part of my time in Mexcio I had dysentery (aka an amoeba that my roommate and I endearingly named coronita). I digress. Instead of being consumed with the weight of life, I'm going to start focusing on salud. Less moping, more health.


PS- Thanks Jules!


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