Carpe Diem: 3 Lessons

They just happen to be some of the smartest, grounded, god-loving, solid, leaders I know.  And I just happen to completely and totally love starting new things.  So, I made the ask.  On a Tuesday, 10 friends gathered to start a conversation about making a difference in the world.  I decided long ago that we're too good to not do something.  I was tired of waiting for an 'ah-ha' moment to seize me so I decided to live out the phrase Carpe Diem.

We asked ourselves: How can we build into the next generation. The next gen actually has amazing potential, but are constantly under-estimated, and on top of that, they have a low sense of identity.  Our culture is failing them.  I'd like to at least try to address this need because (in the words of my first mentor) if not you, then who?

So, this has been good for the group to rally around a conversation point.  I'm also learning a few things along the way.  Here's this weeks top 3:

1. Leading is hard. Simple statement, yes.  But leading actually takes a lot of hard work, self assurance, and grounded-ness in God.  Leading others equates to a lot of gut checks, extra time, and difficult conversations. While the pay-off can be high, the risk and commitment is also high.  Leading takes toughness.

2. You have to name a direction.  Even if you don't have all of the details, leading something new means that you have to point the group, the conversation, and the questions towards one direction.  Conversations should start to converge into one powerful force moving us in the same direction.  

3. Prayer, flexibility, and distractions required.  Have a little bend in your schedule to allow for things unplanned.  If you're going to lead a group, you have to be flexible to give.  I don't want to lead like a dictator, I want to lead through relationship- which takes a lot of prayer and flexibility.

...and that's all I got for now.  Still learning along the way.


brandon | November 7, 2011 at 10:27 AM

I love that you are doing something...Keep leading and your group will keep following

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