3 Questions to Prompt Growing Pains

Does personal growth need intentionality for it to work?  In other words, can a person grow despite walking through life with an ignorance is bliss smirk?  (Which, in spite of my strong opposition to clichés, I have come to realize ignorance really is bliss). 

In 7th grade I decided to play basketball and although I was average, I loved it.  It was my first experience with a team sport.  All of the quiet aggression I felt could be released by being an intense defensive player, well at least for a 7th grader with a mouth full of braces and B.O.  Looking back, most of the practices and games are a blur. 

But one game stands out.  When I stole the ball, I felt the excitement of a fast break.  The gym filled with shouts of cheers and yelling from the crowd of parents.  I was full of nerves.  When I reached the basket, I took my shot.  I missed, only to learn that I had stolen the ball from the opposing team and then ran to their basket (Yep, that explains why no one was running behind me to stop me).  I tried to make 2 points at the wrong hoop.  Ignorance is bliss. 

I grew on that day.  It was not intentional.

I’d like to think I’ve moved beyond my awkward 7th grade growing pains.  But at 29, I’m still finding out about how I can learn from my experiences (even the embarrassing ones).  Below are three questions that a friend challenged me to reflect on each day.

  1. What did you feel?  In the growing moments of life, how were your feelings? What was the root of those feelings?   
  2. What did you learn?  What’s your take-away from the day’s experiences?
  3. What should you do differently next time?  Growth means changing and improving on how you’re wired.  Growth assumes that you have more knowledge to respond to things differently.
I challenge you to step beyond the bliss and reflect on ways that growth can be more intentional for you.  


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