These Things You Must Do

I’m not into babymoons—too trendy for me.  But I am into doing fun things.  I’ve heard wise friends tell me to take advantage of all the free time possible before a baby arrives. And by my calculations, Brandon and I have about 10 weeks-ish to live a diaperless, sleep in, sleep all night schedule.  Unfortunately (fortunately) I can’t plan exactly when our wiggly sweet Amelia Olive will arrive but I can plan my “before baby bucket list”. 

Here’s a list of activities I hope to accomplish before Amelia changes our lives (more) forever: 

Visit Morton Arboretum with Brandon (and take lots of pictures)

Attend to the Joffrey Ballet (to admire the way the some people are able to express feelings with movement) 

Get Frozen Yogurt (and cover it with an excessive, I mean excessive!, amount of sprinkles)

Sleep In Without Guilt 

Learn a New Line Dance (and actually go line dancing)

Eat At Mago (and savor every single bite from my favorite local Mexican restaurant) 

Buy A Pair of Shoes (just because my cute feet deserve cute feet outfits)

Eat a Burger from Au Cheval in the West Loop 

Take My Mom & Aunt to a Fun Restaurant in the City 

Take Hubble on a Daily Walk (to make me feel like I’m taming her crazy but in reality, I know she’ll always be our quirky stubborn dog)

Clean Out All Closets (to, of course, make room for a little baby) 

Read a Baby Book (but don’t take it too seriously-because there’s only so much planning a new parent can do)

Talk Brandon into Fixing the Light Above the Sink  

Hang Curtains Across Our Back Door (and say a prayer, make a wish, cross my fingers that Hubble-see above post about crazy dog- doesn't shred them)

Ask for Help When I Need It

Think About Purchasing a Dining Room Light (but take no action) 

Contribute to Instagram 1x week (instead of just passively browsing)

Replace my favorite M.A.C. Lipstick 

Figure out How Much Babies Need to Eat

Write a Blog Post 1x/Week Until Amelia Arrives 

Everyday, Tell Myself I’m a Beautiful Daughter of God (with meaningful intentional gifts to contribute to the world)

Bake My Favorite Red Velvet Brownie Dessert 

Stop Apologizing for Being Me (but don’t stop apologizing for my real mistakes :| )

Thank Jesus Every Time I Feel Amelia Move (…this is really happening!)

Cheers to a new future!
Love, Hanna


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