Be Who You Are

I'm 34. Maybe it's time to just start being who I am. I have brown straight hair that sometimes decides to fall out and I dangle more than I used to (thank you Amelia).  I'm dorky and awkward and honest to a fault. I'm addicted to chapstick, gum, and bagels.

Sometimes I pretend I have it together and that I don't need help.
Sometimes I pretend that I like small talk.
Sometimes I pretend that being a mom is easier than it looks (Did I mention Amelia puked on me this week- she had chili for lunch.)

When we moved to Colorado, I made a conscious decision: I will just be me. It was the best advice I ever received when I was interviewing. Just be you. So beyond the workplace, I want relationships where I can be Hanna. And where the other person can be the other person.

Life will be easier if we all just be our awkward honest selves.


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