Adjusting to Life

Despite the tears, I felt as though I was a strong woman ready to propel into the rest of my life. The truth is, looking back, I realize I was sort of a blubbering pile of soggy tissues.

I left Columbus, Ohio on a Sunday and started a new life on Monday in Chicago. Turns out starting a new life is challenging. Who knew?

Although my tears have subsided from the drastic change of plucking myself out of any kind of support from family or friends, I still feel sort of... alone.

At the end of the trips my husband and I take to visit family, I'm overcome with raw uncontrollable not-what-a-27-year-old-should-feel emotion. Visions of standing alone somewhere in a field in between Ohio and Illinois, with no cell phone, no help, no one to call can overwhelm a person. I'm not sad and I have no regrets for the decision to move. I'm 'adjusting'.

I can't help but wonder, what is the normal amount of time for a person to 'adjust' to living a new life?

*Full Disclosure: I have loving friends here who support me, I call my mom and dad for a weekly cheerleading session, and I love living in Chicago-ish.


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