Life On Life

I'm not sure when it actually happens. I can't identify a point in time where the change took place but I know it's there. I know I'm no longer in the world of childhood where I have the safety of my parents wisdom to protect me and 'be home by sunset' is all I need to remember.

I'm an adult. I feel the pressure of bills, the work clock, the lack of boundaries, the need to get more done in faster times, the commitment to keep a healthy marriage. Sadly, I don't experience this pressure just at work. In the time that I spend volunteering with high school students, it's clear that our culture is placing the pressure to excel, succeed, faster, stronger, fitter on students.


Am I really letting myself experience real relationship or am I just filling up my time with 'should be'? Both in the world of the grown-ups and the world of high school students, are we providing opportunities for people to experience life on life? I'm worried that we're moving so fast that our relationships are just skimming the top of who we are and not actually diving into the deep realities that we face.

"The best discipleship happens with life on life, it can't be programed through five-step classes." -Dave Gibbons


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