Where God Comes In

So this is the part of my life where God enters. Scratch that.

This is the part of my life where I pay attention to God. In an act of desperate honesty I am going to write something embarrassingly truth-filled: I only seek God when I think I need God. My lackluster personal motto could be, "Going through a tough time- get God".

I sit here asking God to just give me the answer. I wait.

My apartment is still as the afternoon glow fades into the tree line and the sky's streak of sunset colors turn to bland darkness.

Listening for a subtle prompting leaves me empty.

Writing in the evening gives me peace, even if no answers come. I'm drawn to the busyness of my thoughts. Will God still talk to me even if my mind won't stop moving frantically in a haphazard mess? How can I quiet my mind to leave space for a patient God that doesn't yell?

I wait.


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