Passionately Unsure

I should be passionate about something.

Is it hard for me to be passionate because:
a) I'm afraid to commit to the 'wrong' thing
b) I don't know myself well enough yet
c) I just haven't found it

Every person who has done anything significant was passionate about something. What if I'm just average B-student middle ground vanilla Midwest suburb safe somewhat boring do what's right steady Hanna? Average people without passion don't change the world, or anything for that matter.

I listened to Donald Miller give a message at Willow Creek Community Church. I like Donald's style. Candid. Dorky. Aware. Here's what I remember from Donald's message (sorry to Donald for not remembering more):

"God is like a good dad"

I find myself looking to God for the exact answer to the exact problem in the exact way that I want it. I'm not 100% sure I understand all the ways that God works but I'm pretty sure that God doesn't always fit neatly into my prepackaged plans. So like a good dad addressing a tough life lesson question, the answer doesn't come clearly or right away. Whether I'm average or not, I have space to learn and grow through a not-so-average season of change.

Oh, and for anyone curious, I'll go with d) all of the above.


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