The Chair Waits

I didn’t know a person could actually have a true breakdown in her 20s. I thought you would have kids and really go through being an adult before you could actually get to the point of becoming breakdown worthy. And even then, I knew I was immune to the breakdown I was destined to. Destiny won- or God.

When I read the excerpt below, it hurt, just like the paper towel I was using to wipe the tears flooding my cheeks. (Bounty really is the quicker picker upper.)

From Soul Care:

The chair awaits you at all times.

Please, for your own sake, sit down.

Breathe deeply.

And let God love you.

The fight to health is much more difficult when you’ve gone on covering up and never fixing. What I am most confused about is I didn’t realize I was just covering up. Do I really believe that sitting in the chair will make a difference for my soul?

My personified tears would say ‘yes’… my ego would nod ‘no’. Tonight the tears win.

Standard disclaimer: I am not a crier but lately I have been. Working on that.


Lancer | May 18, 2010 at 8:03 PM

Maybe it's not about the "fight to health"... maybe it's about being pruned and refined by an artisan to reveal something full of beautiful promise. Maybe?

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