Squishy Thin

I've been quiet on this medium for a month but that doesn't mean my head has been empty.

It's been full.

I just spent the past days on a church high school retreat. Although, the description, "church high school retreat" doesn't do what happened this weekend justice. There is something amazing about high school students.

I'm not even talking about the room, which was filled with 1000+ high school students worshiping, or the number of students who declared to follow Jesus, or the students who were courageous enough to pray out loud in a large group. I'm talking about the words that happen in conversations, the little moments where you see a student light up and 'get it', the text messaging update where something finally clicks.

God is big. Bigger. Bigger than I ever think. The winey Hanna that left on Friday came back a squishy emotional rocked by God Hanna on Sunday. I was tissue thin and aching with the ways that God was.... God.


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