Plan A: Learn Everything You Can

I'm in the process of developing a 2-year strategy for myself. Like any good plan, I haven't written it down, haven't shared it with close friends, but have a somewhat fluid idea that is playing on repeat in my head. (Oh sarcasm, how I love you and your ability to normalize my laziness.)

Laziness or not, I’m claiming just this one part of my strategy publicly right now. It’s not revolutionary, pioneering, groundbreaking, inventive or even innovative. It’s actually pretty plain and simple. But nice things come in plain and simple packages. I guess.

I’m going to meet and learn from as many people as I can. As many people as I can (For effect: re-read this sentence slower and draw out the words more). I’ve heard a lot of people say that they want to learn from others, but I’m actually going to do it (and have already started, so boo-ya!). I want to take on the form of a constant learner trying to vacuum up any knowledge from those around me.

When I studied during my school years, I always wished that if I ripped out the paper from the books and ate it, I would learn everything that was on the pages. The plan was that the knowledge in the books I read would become part of my own wisdom. I could stomach paper flavor if I knew that I would have all of the knowledge internalized and as my reference point.

But eating paper offered no easy way out. Learning happened the old fashion way.

Like those who have gone before me, I’m taking up more old-fashioned learning: Learning from people. Stay tuned for updates on what I’m learning and biggest lessons from people other than me.


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