Recovery: Sit. Stare Into Distance.

Seasons can be busy. But the past two months of my 'season' have been too busy as I engrossed myself full force into a big challenge at work. Loved the challenge but I've come to learn that being over busy leaves no margin for relationship or self. Actually, I think the past months were the busiest that I have ever been (I hope that speaks more about the season and it does my life). Breathing room is not only good, it's necessary.

The past four days on vacation, away from routine (in a midwest white tennis shoe cut off t-shirt fishing town on the shores of Lake Erie) gave me the space (and anonymity) that I needed. Although I don't think I realized it until day 2, when I slowly stopped checking my email, stopped swiping my phone, and allowed work thoughts to slip away... like the sailboat I was watching drift into the horizon.

Here's a recap of my adventurous days:
  • Day 1: Sit at beach. Stare into distance.
  • Day 2: Drink 2nd to best latte I've ever had (best latte I had was at a little shop in Chicago suburbs that's now out of business- sad). Stare into distance in between flipping pages of a book.
  • Day 3: Enjoy latte again. Enjoy staring at distance again.
  • Day 4: Morning latte enjoyment continues. Finish book. Watch distance- again.

In between staring and the infinite daze I found myself in, I was able to fall deeper in love with Brandon and revive my soul. My lesson is obvious: don't go too long without space for yourself. I know this is 101 stuff but it gets me every time. I love to work hard but I need to remember to take rest periods. No one will call a break but me. My new plan: build in time to rejuvenate just as I build in time to work.

How do you know when you've been in a busy season for too long? What do you do to rest?


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