Fake Photo Safari

For the record, I do not like being late. Contrary to the first sentence, I find myself quite late quite often and it bothers me.  Saturday was no different.  I signed up for a photo safari (yeah, I really did that) but I arrived 10 min late and the group had left.  Too bad they didn't wait for me and the friend who happily ventured on this excursion with me.

So there we were in the middle of Chicago's hurried mix of tourists and natives pacing Michigan Ave.  And bonus for us, it was a tree lighting ceremony day with Disney and Mickey Mouse (no tree lights are complete without a cameo from Mickey).  I'll let your imagination lead you through what it was like walking with the bustling crowd of parents navigating their strollers through masses of people.

We found ourselves in our own safari.

After shuffling our way through 2 blocks of Mickey roadies, we started taking photos.  It was fun and it was for fun. Below is the best of the best (I know that doesn't say much, but like I said, it was fun).


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