Positive Experiences Whisper

Yesterday I spent hours working through a Life Plan (thanks, dad, for the free hours of helping me discover my plan).  A Life Plan basically takes your life story, your unique wiring, your passion, and then guides you through a process to discover the next step.

Through the process, I’m now convinced of three things:

  1. Badd speling is a jean.  I’m relieved to know that I’m not the only one in my family who is spelling inept.
  2. I am drawn to challenges.  I’ve noticed that I seek tough challenges, even at personal cost.
  3. My story is important.  Events that I’ve encountered actually have had an impact on me- sometimes more than I’d like. 

As I talked through my life timeline there were turning points – some high, some not.  Pete Richardson, who inherited the life plan process from his mentor, says, “Negative experiences shout, positive experiences whisper”.  Hmm.  I whispered to myself, don’t forget that, Hanna, that sounds wise and important.

As the year comes to an end, I can think of the experiences that were overtly shouting in my face- some quite literally.  The quieter ones were more difficult for my memory to find.  I can think of a few good turning points but most of the stuff that stands out was hard.  Since yesterday, I’ve become keenly aware of God’s subtle nudging pushing me into growth and pulling me closer to God.   

When I take an overview of my story, the majority of my turning points are related to challenge.  Sometimes they were challenges nudged by the Holy Spirit and others were challenges that I hoped for as a result of my own restlessness.  And so, with that, it’s no surprise that as I look to 2012 most of what I see is challenge. The year ahead has no promise of nice easy going smooth things.  It only promises challenge. 

I hope your year, too, brings you challenge and growth… and good spelling for all!


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