Am I Good?

One of Frida Kahlo's first encounters with Diego Rivera was during her time at school.
She showed well-known artist, Diego her work.
He acknowldeged her natural ability.
He encouraged her art...
He encouraged her as an artist.
Frida eventually rose to become one of the most famous female Mexican artists.

I like the simplicity of someone seeing potential in another and encouraging it.

Like the child screaming for attention, 'Watch me, watch me!",  I long for the validation that another person offers. Without that validation, I flounder wondering how how good or mediocre I actually am at a particular task.

We don't always know how good we are until someone sees something we cannot see in ourselves--and reflects back to us. Like a mirror, there are people who shine back the light they see in you. Don't hide from those people. Their shimmer will help you grow.


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