Do Nothing Unless Commanded

I have this responsibly at work that I've self selected to hate.  It's public, it's uncomfortable and it's time consuming work.  It's putting myself 'out there' in a world that seems full of opinions and judgements. I realize this responsibility isn't actually the big-foot-smelly-monster-size that I've worked it up to be in my head (...and not the Harry and the Hendersons version either).  It's a simple interview on camera about mostly interesting leadership stuff.

Somewhere along the way we get to choose a path of safety and settling or courage and challenge.  I should have seen this coming.  Everything in my unemotional, practical, work hard up bringing has brought me to this point where I have to choose what path I want to do life on.

John Maeda said, "The computer will do anything within it's abilities, but it will do nothing unless commanded to do so."

People can operate beyond their abilities, beyond what's comfortable, and beyond what's apparent on the outside. When I see people who live that way I sometimes look at them with lust, longing for the impractical life of giving into tiny whispers that lie deep within a soul. Other times, I look at people who live that kind of creative life and want to cheer them on- Go YOU--you sexy artist!  I see people who live life slightly different and I love it.  They have made choices based on their actual gifts and skills and not just the world's version of success.  Their success looks different.  And I think- if they do it differently-why cant I? But there's a side of me that wants to hide under a rock, or my desk, or under my bed with the clumps of dust bunnies and lost socks.

That's the crossroads that I'm at.

We all come to a place where we have to decide if we're going to push forward...
...despite the inevitable hassle-filled pressure
...despite the perceived (or real) judgement
...despite what the world thinks.

Unlike a computer, we can operate beyond our abilities and beyond the commands of others.  Somedays I just wish all of us felt more gusto to take the path that leads to a place of sweet joy from doing what we think we cannot do.

Here's to you, you sexy artist!


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