Smart Girls Club

There are things that we learn from the people we're around.  There are pieces of who we are that is wiring while other pieces of us are created by who we are in company with.

There's something about being raised in a family that rewards strength and independence for women.  It's like the women in my family had our own little unspoken club to be smart, tough and never (ever) depend on anyone.  Although some of that fierce independence comes with baggage (what else is new), I was encouraged to speak up, have my own thoughts, and above all else respect people.  

Besides those core values of independence and respect, there were also lessons to live by that my mom taught me.  Those principals will be forever saved in the background of my brain. Although I'm sure there's more, here the top 20 list:

My Mom and Dad (see #13)
  1. Always have your hangers in your closet facing the same way.  If there's a fire they can be easily thrown out of the window.  
  2. When it's jacket weather, wear a jacket.  If the car breaks down you need to be able to safely (warmly) walk to shelter.   (Same goes for shoes.  Always have shoes.) 
  3. Don't cry at work.  Just don't. 
  4. Tortilla chips and pretzels count as a staple in your pantry. 
  5. So does Miller Lite. 
  6. Only drink pop on the weekends. 
  7. It counts as a vacation when visiting grandparents to work on their house in between poolside naps.  
  8. Make your bed but never eat in it.  Never.  Ever.  Ever.  
  9. When in doubt vacuum. 
  10. Southern Living magazine recipes are always worth trying. 
  11. Shopping sale racks is acceptable. Shopping full priced items is shameful. 
  12. Include. Invite whoever, whenever for dinner.  
  13. Live on the dorkier side of life.  You'll have more fun.  
  14. The only way you really know if someone likes what you cooked is if they ask for seconds. 
  15. Keep your house in the low 60s in the winter.  Anything warmer is frivolous. 
  16. Eat lots of salads but prioritize a good burger and fries at least once a week.
  17. TV makes good background noise but don't spend the day watching it. 
  18. When you're sick, it's okay to have ice cream for dinner. 
  19. Gossiping about family is an act of love. 
  20. Your siblings will drive you crazy: love them anyways.  
Hope you enjoyed some of the things I learned from being in the smart girls club in my family... I'm off to vacuum now (#9). 


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