Hello 2014.

I don't know you yet but we have 364 first dates to get to know each other.  So far….similar to 2013, you're pretty much the same.  Except snowier.  So we're not off to a good start. But I still have hope that we'll get along.

I hope that I'll start to build a relationship with time rather than dread it and see every moment that isn't filled as the enemy. I hope you'll teach me the meaning of rest.

I hope that you'll teach me how to be nice to myself.  Sometimes I'm nice and sometimes I fake that I'm nice. But sometimes, I just say mean things to me in my head.  Why do I do that? Why do people do that? If people started nice self talk, the world would be a better place.

I hope that I will learn the meaning and proper use behind every emoticon on my iPhone.  Emoticons are weird.  I'm sticking with smiley :^) until i feel less fake and awkward using emoticons.

I hope that my marriage will be the model of two very different people who have decided to be each other's biggest advocates. When the world is crushing I hope you"ll  remind us to decide to act as the anti-crush.

I hope that I can be honest with myself.  I hope I can discover what that means.

I hope that I can unlock the inner creative artist that lives within me.  PS- There's a tiny artist that lives within each of us.  Don't neglect her, because when you do, she'll attack your gall bladder and if your gall bladder fights back, she'll find something else to attack.

I hope that my hands will stop being so damn cold all of the time.  2014, this one probably won't happen and I'm okay with that but I felt like adding this to the list... incase you feel like being generous.

I hope that God will speak to my soul in profound ways that I can understand- or at least stop ignoring.

I hope that I can become a country singer and professional line dancer. Just kidding.  Not really.

As you can see, 2014, I have high hopes for you.  Please deliver.  And when all of these things don't happen in the next 364 days, remind me that you have a sister in 2015 that you're laying the ground work for.  I'm always better when you state your intentions.


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