Basement Monsters & Sea Foam Green Nail Polish

I learned two things from the career class I took in school.  The first, always wear neutral nail polish for your interview.  The second, I'm destined to be a teacher someday. 

Even though I had an interview today, I chose sparkly sea foam green nail polish because it reminded me of my 31st birthday, which was the only time (before today) I wore the hue proudly.  I have decided my 30s will be marked by wearing age-inappropriate nail polish colors.

God bless you if you're in your 30s because, if you're like me, you're probably just figuring out that you're a terrible person and yet you still have something to offer the world.  It's a horrific and wonderful realization all at the same time.

Thinking about how broken I am doesn't get me very far.
But neither does thinking about how great I am.

Somewhere in the middle our soul pendulum steadies and we discover who we are.

The more that we're comfortable with our true self, the more we'll let our self show.  And that's the wonderful part.  The part where you're able to be you and stick to the values and the aspirations inside of your flowering soul.  You are uniquely you.  Bring the bad parts, the ugly parts, and the sea foam green parts. Each of those parts makes up the soil in which you grow.

Are there parts of you that you've been hiding? That feel underdeveloped or under-loved?  Are there parts of you that need some light to grow?  

My younger self was convinced that basement monsters had a secret passage into our laundry room and the code to unlock their secret tunnels was in the rhythm of your feet walking down the stairs or in the smell of food.  As a result I would travel to the basement with rhythmically challenged footsteps and keep my mouth sealed shut. (Note to parents: Weird kids make weird adults.)

Now as an adult, I had hoped that my magical heavy-footed stomp down the stairs would unlock my under-developed self and help her find health. Pronto!  But sadly, like most things in my life, change doesn't happen in an instant.  It's a slow steady process in the right direction.  It's choosing to write this blog post, it's choosing to acknowledge when someone hurts me, it's choosing to say my goofy thoughts and not say sorry afterwards, it's choosing to admit when I haven't prepared well or when I messed up.

If you have basement monsters, you don't have to unlock their tunnels. But please do things to bring all of you out into the light.  You are beautifully and wonderfully made.


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