Make Room

"If you give yourself some space, I promise God will whisper", my mentor and friend stated just two minutes before dropping me off the airport.  She gave me no time for rebuttal. 

The words she spoke felt as confusing as my 101-level astronomy class when we were measuring the distance to stars with color.  I looked around at other classmates giving them the, He's making this up, right?! look. They did not reciprocate my eye roll. I was perched on my front row island in the lecture hall all alone.  Despite meeting with the professor during his office hours to prove my ambition to learn about space, I'm sure the tube-socks wearing, cargo-shorts sporting, 30-years of tenure teacher thought I was the dork.  And I was (am).

My retention in the class was so low that all I walked away with was an aspiration to do life over again as a fuzzy-haired-Bette-Midler-in-Hocus-Poscus-looking scientist. Even so, the solar system, worm holes, and supernovas are intriguing in ways that make me want to keep learning about science, even if the ideas are larger than my almost almond-sized brain can handle.

On most days God and the concepts around God seem so far that even color can't measure it.  In those moments when I feel overwhelmed by not being smart enough or having things figured out enough, I just try to give myself some space.  I don't think God is asking to be 'figured out' or measured.  I think God is just asking for a little (maybe a lot of) space in your life and my life. 


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