The Fastest Days of 2010

The fastest two days of this year flew by. I was caught in a weird time warp where I was moving as fast as I could to get to the Summit... and then like at&t's service, drop. The Summit was over. Eight months of preparing came down to 2 days of fast paced setting up, checking details, and then tearing down. It was like preparing for a oversized birthday party but never eating cake.

Like a cake-less balloon-less birthday party, I'm deflated. But instead of moping along all stretched out and shrively, I'm going to actively pursue what gives me life.

At the Summit, Christine Caine said, "Hope is a leader's oxygen." I'm not sure if that's the oxygen I'm looking for but it's a good start. I'll start with hope.

I have hope that whatever comes my way, I can get through it. I have hope that people are intrinsically good (even though there might be some tough ones). I have hope that God has placed the 'right' people in my life to help me get through awkward and difficult times.

What is your oxygen?


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