Suffocating Fog

This morning I woke up at 3:30am (well actually 3:38am) to make it to Rockford, IL - for a triathlon- for Brandon. Love that man. The morning had thick air that the moon could not glow through and the roads were covered in a frothy fog. There were gaps where you could see into the dark cornfields but mostly, visibility was less than the headlights dimed by the consuming early morning air.

Thanks clouds and humidity for the obvious metaphor.

Some problems seem unfocused because of the fog that surrounds them. Answers are not clear. There are glimmers along the way that remind me of what’s ahead but I’m constantly pushing back the fog.

Is it better to pretend the fog is not there and zero visibility is the new reality? Or- is there a way to live (preferably healthy) in the suffocating fog?


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