Pep Talk Fail

Still. The silence in the room is the closest to contentment that I’ve felt in… a while. I haven’t made quiet space to allow deep breathing for me to just be me (whatever that means). I’m fried.

Each day I start out with a pep talk: I can do it. Then as each minute of the morning progresses, and the time slips away, my peppy words fade into the day and the slope of frustrated reality comes to the foreground. (Cue picture of me looking frustrated coming into focus.)

Life is good though. I have a lot of things to be thankful for- lots of support, lots of love, and lots of life-giving friends. But to ‘name’ where I am, like any good psychologist would tell me to do, I’m in a place that just feels hard.

So my future to-do list includes getting rid of the things that feel hard. But for now, my left over post pep talk energy is saved for fixing up a house that Brandon and I just bought.

Peace to my homies. Hope you’re finding some time to enjoy the stillness.


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