Moving Mega Project 2 Degrees

Tonight I'm going to do something different than usual. I'm going to make dinner. (As i write this, Brandon tells me- you can't write that unless you're actually going to do it). He knows me.

What is something that you need to do different than usual?

I have a friend who gave me the phrase: 2 degrees. Her and I are working on what I endearingly refer to as mega project. Mega project can play tricks on my mind and make me think it's a Godzilla-sized jenga puzzle waiting to collapse on me and my house. (Side note: this is a mean mind trick because I've been working really hard on my house lately.)

So back to the point- 2 degrees of change. I've started thinking, what can we do today to move mega project 2 degrees further along?

It's helped. Although mega project is a gladiator, I can move it 2 degrees each time I meet with it.

When I think about change at work and in places of my life, I just need to think: 2 degrees. It helps me do things different than usual. That said, I'm taking my 2 degree motivation, turning pandora on, and going to make dinner... (see paragraph 1).

How are you navigating your change? Do you have phrases that help you 'right size' your mega project?


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