Rest Stop Brought to You By Painted Toes

A Rest Stop Keeps Honey Bees From Dropping Dead From Overwork" was a recent headline in a Fast Company Co. Design article. I could probably stop typing at this moment and let you ponder that line for as long as your brain wants. Are you in ministry? Are you doing life? Do you work? Do you volunteer? Are you a parent? Could you use a rest stop?

Before I continue, let me be clear. I'm not saying slow down. I'm not saying quit. I'm only suggesting a rest stop. I used to work at a place that iterated and reiterated the importance of slowing down... everything was positioned to be slower, to be easier, do less, be less. That messaging was like yellowed fingernails screeching down an old black chalkboard. Gross.

Even though that kind of language is painful for me, I can see the value in taking a rest stop- in letting yourself be absorbed in quiet moments where life moves at a pace meant for those who are listless. It can be difficult to allow yourself rest after pacing along the edge of burnout.

I found that sometimes resting is as easy as painting my nails. That sounds really 'girly' but it's true. I actually need an activity to transition me into a rest stop. There are times when a rest stop actually feels like the last thing (on my overgrown list) that I need. I know I'm not alone with this one- there are plenty of workaholics out there who go at life pretty hard (just say no to more workahol).

What things do you do to help you transition into a rest stop? How do you avoid burnout?


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