Turning Point

Tonight marks the turning point. Long hours and lack of boundaries have filled personal time and encourage me to become the person I don't want to be. The path I'm on equals the path to self depletion. A busy season has stretched into busy months. I. can't. keep. up.

The war stories of those who have gone before me serve as warning signs: dead end ahead. I feel the thinness of the raw emotion that sits just below the surface waiting to tear open and burst into an ugly mess.

It took a hard week, a few slaps in the face, some good friends, and gentle nudges (some not so gentle) to remind me life is bigger than work. So like any problem I solve, I'll envision where I want to go, define where I am, and figure out how to get there. Who I am is okay and I don't have to prove that to anyone, even myself.


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