Make the Yellow Brighter

I can't remember the company but I remember the line from the commercial-

We don't make post-it notes; we just make the yellow brighter.

I've been thinking about this in the context of my job but I think it has implications beyond 9-5. Most of the issues, situations, contexts, and moments that I experience, I don't create. I'm a fixer, amplifier, lighter, thinker, and solution finder but not a creator.

I wish I were a creator- it sounds like less of a tool, but in the middle of who I am is someone who likes the background. I like to take what's there and help it grow.

In the relationships that I have, the good ones and (begrudgingly) the tough ones, I want to make things brighter- take what's there and build it. If I'm (still begrudgingly) honest, I wonder if I'm actually living that out- or just lighting a flashlight when I need the sun.


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